Asylum Cases

Asylum-based petitions are based on difficult circumstances. In particular, these are cases where the petitioner cannot return to their country of origin because they suffered persecution, or have a reasonable fear of future persecution, based on one of the following:
-political opinion
-membership in a particular social group

*Please note: asylum applications must be filed within one year of entering the United States.

There are legal standards that have to be met for each of these types of asylum. Here are some of the questions Mariam is often asked:

-I was denied a job because of my [race or religion]. Can I apply for asylum? No. Discrimination in hiring does not meet the definition of “persecution.” Persecution is much more serious, resulting in loss of health, life, liberty, or something equally fundamental.

-I lived in [a third country] for a while before coming to the United States. Can I apply for asylum? No. Being settled in another country—and therefore having another option to flee persecution—bars you from being eligible for asylum in the United States.

Other conditions, such as having a criminal history, or previous immigration petitions in the United States, may bar an applicant from being granted asylum.

Please call and schedule a consultation with Mariam if you think you are eligible for asylum and wish to seek further counsel.